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UNR Perspective: The Economy

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“After moving here, it took me ten months to find a job, not minutes…months,” said Julie Anne Talbot, 24, a sophomore from Sacramento, Calif.


“Money has gotten tight in my family and I resorted to trying to rob airplanes…apparently shouting ‘I have a bomb strapped to my chest’ is not an appropriate response to ‘would you like some peanuts?'” said Ryan T. Uhrig, 23, a junior from Incline, Calif. “But in all seriousness, we’ve really had to crack down on our budget, have had to cut coupons and avoid going out to dinner like we used to. I don’t see the economy getting any better any time soon.”


“For me, the job market is non-existent,” said Emily Whistler, 26, a graduate student from Reno. “When you go back to school, the competition is so fierce and you’re really betting against all odds. I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe that the economy is getting better. I mean, look at our budget cuts.”


“The economy has affected me greatly,” said Katherine Hubbard, 18, a sophomore from Auburn, Calif. “I applied to over 80 jobs this summer and still didn’t manage to get one…On top of having an extremely difficult time snagging a job for myself, both of my parents lost their jobs this year. I feel the economy hasn’t gotten any better. Nevada keeps cutting the budget on our most important asset – education.”


“I lost one of my jobs due to the states’ re-budgeting but my quality of life hasn’t decreased too much,” said Ariel Castro, 25, a senior from Buenos Ares.


“The economy has affected me mainly with the rise in gas prices because I drive an SUV,” said Jenny Markwart, 19, a sophomore from Roseville, Calif. ” Gas prices did go up over summer, but they seem to be going down now and I hope they continue to go down.”


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Student shares her satisfactory experience with Las Vegas magnet school

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Angelique Harper, sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno, reflects on her high school years spent at developing magnet school, Northwest Career and Technical Academy, in Las Vegas.

Although Harper’s major in Media Communications at the magnet school prepared her for her current studies in Journalism and English, the school didn’t fully facilitate normal high school activities. The limitations set by principal, Frank Pesce, contributed to a negative and uneasy atmosphere, Harper said.

The kinks of the school seem to still be being worked out, as it opened in Aug., 2007. It was also the first magnet school in the Las Vegas area.

“Everything was separated,” Harper said. “There were no football games and if you wanted to be in band, you had to go to your zone’s school and participate there.”

The unique high school provided a greater focus for students. There are 9 programs students can guide their studies toward including: Alternative Fuels, Hospitality, Bio-Technology, Media Communications, Construction Management, Medical Professions, Culinary Arts, Engineering and Design and Teacher Education/Early Childhood.

“It was more interesting than a regular high school because we were all doing something we loved,” Harper said. “People were more driven and they wanted to be there.”

Although the school’s activities were limited, Harper was an active member in the student counsel. The group helped plan events like homecoming by organizing barbeques and flag football games.

Harper participated her sophomore (the first year the school opened) and junior year as historian. Holding this position allowed her to compile a scrapbook, which will help document the school’s progression over time.

“I benefited from the school because I came into college with a higher tolerance for inaccuracies in education and I feel that I was better prepared for setbacks,” Harper said.

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