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Beryl Love shares optimistic outlook on future of journalism, students agree

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Presenting an open and excited perspective for a journalism class at UNR on Monday was no small feat for Love, editor of the Reno Gazette-Journal.

These students have heard over and over again that journalism is changing and being aware of the media shift is becoming increasingly important.

“The race to digital media has been very focused and strategic,” Love said.

When students had a chance to respond, they seemed almost hesitant to answer. Predicting such an important and enrapturing facet of our daily lives could be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know the business as well as Love.

Although having less knowledge and experience, students did their best. Brad Rosemore and Katie Hubbard, both students, share their opinion on the future of journalism.

“I don’t think journalism will ever die out,” 19-year-old, biology major, Rosemore said. It’s how humanity measures and records…we will continue to need people that can inform the general [public].”

Another student, 19-year-old, Hubbard, agreed. She thought the future of journalism looked bright but spoke in a more general sense.

“[Journalism] will thrive for years to come because there are many younger people still interested in the art of investigative writing,” Hubbard said.

Throughout his visit and presentation, Love spoke with ease and precision about the future of journalism.

“Journalism has never been healthier,” Love said. “Social media and digital platforms [make it] easily accessible, a two way street, [more participatory] and it’s 24/7.”


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Beryl Love encourages journalism students with expertise and hope for the future

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When the editor of the Reno Gazette-Journal, Beryl Love, spoke to journalism students at UNR on Monday, he captured the audience with strong and well-developed predictions concerning the future of journalism.

“The mobile experience,” Love said. “The experience must be excellent and the content must be both unique and valuable.”

In addition to discussing the importance of media in today’s fast paced society, Love also explained how crucial it is to become specialized in a topic.

“Being specialized makes us use our jobs more efficiently,” Love said.

Despite the journalism students rapidly tweeting about his visit, they seemed captured and motivated by Love’s words. Not only did Love speak with ease about journalism as a whole but he seemed to give the students a good grasp on what’s to come.

“The race to digital media has been very focused and strategic,” Love said. “I will no longer work for ‘the paper.'”

Love may, instead, work to produce blog posts, tweets, audio, video or anything that will intrigue readers. The definition of ‘the paper’ is expanding.

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UNR students balance busy schedule of midterms and the military

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Master Sergeant Suzanne Connel and Airman First Class Nick De La Rosa help Colonel Ondra Berry get ready to take photos for his promotion to brigadier general.

Schedule for the week: seven classes, three massive papers, two midterms and a meager five hours of sleep each night.

Now add morning workouts, training and daily dedication to serving for the military, like Cadet Fernando Aquino does. Although the financial benefits may be great, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into actively serving.

Although time consuming, there has been a recent spike in the number of veterans enrolled at UNR with 22 percent more attending from fall 2009 to fall 2010, according to Media Relations Director at UNR, Jane Tors.

Actively in the army and ROTC, Aquino a 23-year-old international affairs major admits it’s a challenge juggling it all.

“You’re constantly busy and have no social life,” Aquino said. “They can call you in whenever. It’s like a job.”

Forty-nine percent of the increase in student veterans have had recent combat experience, which is determined through the type of GI Bill benefits they used.

This increase is, in part, due to the financial benefits the military provides to students. The economic struggles of today may cause students to turn towards the military for financial assistance. In addition to covering tuition, the National Guard provides a GI Bill for those who qualify.

“I joined [the air force] for free college,” Airman First Class Nick De La Rosa, 19-year-old journalism major said.

Essentially, the GI Bill pays eligible individuals their tuition and fees, directly to the school, with a cap of $17,500, according to the website. For students attending more expensive, private universities, there is another program called the “Yellow Ribbon” that helps students by reimbursing their difference.

In addition, the GI Bill provides a monthly housing allowance based on location and the number of dependents living in the household.

The GI Bill also provides students a one thousand dollar stipend for books and supplies.

Aquino is one of these students. He joined the military to find purpose after attending school for a year and a half. He has been deployed twice, has traveled as a civilian contractor providing private security and has found great use of his GI Bill money.

“I was able to travel the world for a year and save money,” Aquino said.

The military provides benefits for students, but actually promoting education and making these tools known seems to vary by branch.

“They tell you they can help you; you can use the resources they give you but you go out on your own to find the answers,” Aquino said. “The Army doesn’t do a good job promoting going to school.”

On the other hand, the Air Force gives one-on-one help to those looking to go to school, De La Rosa said.

Nick De La Rosa gains journalism experience in the Public Relations Office under the 152nd Airlift Wing.

For students trying to balance a busy lifestyle, it can be a challenge to prioritize.

Although the stress of a busy schedule can be manageable, it seems to become increasingly important to work on time management.

One student, 43-year-old Justin Chapel works as a Crew Chief for the Nevada Air National Guard. Working full time and taking credits towards his general degree with an emphasis in history and literature does not leave him much extra free time.

“I work 40 hours a week, have kids, a family and other extra curricular activities,” Technical Sergeant Chapel said. “It takes time and I cannot devote as much time to my studies as someone just going to school or [as much time] as I should.”

When faced with the question of time, these students only have so much that they can actually devote to their studies. Making a decision to solely focus on schoolwork or always put military responsibilities first is not easy.

“It’s difficult when I have a paper due for a class tomorrow and I have something for the military,” De La Rosa said. “The air force does take priority over most things.”

By concentrating on their military duties, these students may be able to get promoted more quickly.

Having more responsibility is a pro, Aquino and De La Rosa agree.

“When you’re an officer, you take care of yourself and 30 other soldiers,” Aquino said. “You have a lot of responsibility to get these guys home safe.”

Not only is more responsibility emotionally gratifying but it can be fiscally rewarding as well.

“I can work on school or I can concentrate on my job and get promoted which leads to more responsibility, better pay and having a bigger say in things,” De La Rosa said.

UNR’s increase in the number of veteran students follows the national trend. In honoring lost soldiers, some UNR students will participate in the nationwide grassroots effort for the Remembrance Day National Roll Call.

“We feel that it’s important for our student veterans, the University of Nevada, Reno campus community and the northern Nevada community at large to honor our country’s soldiers by taking time to individually name the fallen,” Terina Casterto, veteran’s services coordinator at the University said in a press release. “What a powerful message, also, to send to the troops who are serving.”

On Veteran’s Day, Friday, Nov. 11, the names of men and women who have lost their lives serving over the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan will be read aloud as a part of the annual Veteran’s Day Parade.

However, some students plan to celebrate Veteran’s Day through their simple contributions and peace of mind.

“I’ll spend Veteran’s Day drinking a beer and relaxing,” Aquino said. “I think to me death [of soldiers] should be celebrated.”

For more information about the National Roll Call effort, contact Brett Morris at or go

Listen to commentary from Justin Chapel:


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Mitt Romney revs up audience in Western GOP Debate

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During the Western GOP Debate today, all candidates spoke on the sometimes tricky issue of taxes but the crowd roared when Mitt Romney described his plans.

“I want to get trade opening up new markets for America,” Romney said. “It’s time to get america growing again.”

After speaking for himself, he then spoke for Herman Cain and challenged his tax ideals.

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Western GOP Debate

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Republican Presidential Candidates got creative in their introductions today in the red, white and blue arena during the Western GOP Debate.

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney described his focus on economic growth.

“I’m an authentic conservative, not a conservative out of convenience,” Romney said.

Texas Representative Ron Paul also made use of his 15 second first impression in describing himself as a “champion of liberty.”

U.S. Senator Rick Santorum shouted out to his seven children and to his 3-year-old daughter who had recently had surgery.

Regardless of their stance on the important issues, all the candidates focused on their witty, or powerful introductions.

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