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Local photojournalist shares her passion in impacting and raising awareness of Africa

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Candice Nyando, business owner, mother and creative photographer reflected on her time in Africa when she willingly shared her moving and insightful experiences with a journalism class at UNR on Monday.

After having traveled to Africa several times to help the ‘lost boys’ and raise awareness of their struggles, Nyando realized how impacted she was by the ups and downs, trauma and fortune found along the way.

“The two things that have changed my life most profoundly are my time in Africa and being a mother,” Nyando said.

Despite facing danger and upset along the way, Nyando’s face lit up when speaking of helping the Luo Tribe in Africa. The serious issues Nyando dealt with help her put her own life in retrospect.

“[The whole experience] was challenging,” Nyando said. “But I had the time of my life.”

Overcoming hurtful stereotypes and impacting a stubborn and proud people has not been easy but Nyando doesn’t plan on giving up, as she is still extremely active in the natives lives. Only making an impact there, in Africa, is not enough.

The Tribe is a non-governmental agency Nyando and her husband, who is native to Africa, are starting to help raise awareness for the needs they saw in Africa. On top of an extremely corrupt government, the Luo Tribe in Africa faces flawed education and poor conditions.

Driven by her incredible experiences, Nyando plans on helping as much as she can.

“I’m proud of the work I’ve done for the lost boys and they’re still really dear to me,” Nyando said. “They gave me a lot of balance and perspective before I even got there.”

Slowing down her speech and taking the time to find the right words, Nyando closed her time with the mesmerized journalism students by crediting the struggling people she met.

“If I ever start to feel like things aren’t going well for my life, I always instantly reflect on the lost boys or my life in Kenya.”


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December 5, 2011 at 8:58 am

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