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My Semester Portfolio

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Semester Work

Overall, I improved significantly throughout the semester. Whether it be from using lingo (and actually understanding it) like ISO and camera aperture or feeling like it’s natural to snap 800 pictures for one event. My work improved as my knowledge of the camera and its features did. My favorite assignment was the first one, which looked at people working and people playing. I now feel more comfortable operating a DSLR camera and feel that I could get the picture I wanted by playing with settings versus crossing my fingers and clicking away with the camera on auto. Because a journalist and his or her work is combining, they may have to be a jack of all trades – learn social media, operate a camera and write well. I’m glad that I took this class and have a better command of photography.


Laundry Virtual Reality

The laundry facility at John Asuaga’s Nugget in Sparks. The huge machines displayed can hold over 200 lbs of laundry each load. The laundry team starts early in the morning and works with the impressive machines (some of which can fold sheets automatically) all day.



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